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The Happiest Birthday of All Birthdays

Happy Friday all!

I had the most amazing birthday yesterday and everyone in my life has made it so special! I was still so happy from the night before, as Will and I went for dinner for our 6 month anniversary, when we arrived there were six peonies on our table and candles lit too. I couldn't believe it, how cute is he! We got home to my dining room wall plastered with pictures of me going all the way back to my gap toothed days and confetti and flowers sprinkled everywhere courtesy of my family, they'd even put bunting and banners up out the front and in the garden.

On my birthday I was woken up super early by him who couldn't get back to sleep and once I was awake, nor could I so we waited for my family to wake up so I could see them before they went to work/school. My mum made me a cup of coffee and we all sat together so I could open my presents, which included a beautiful bracelet, dollars for New York and even a Tiara! Obviously I never expect presents (I do love a …

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